Two weeks in Hawai’i

After travelling for about four and a half months, we had to admit, we have to think about how to get back to Germany by the end of March. We had to decide, if we want to go East or West. Asia or America? We studied the globe, spend hours on to find the cheapest fares and finally decided to make our journey a real around the world travel:
We got ourselves affordable flights to Oha’u and Kaua’i on Hawai‘i, from there to Las Vegas and then finally back to Frankfurt.

At the moment we are on the beautiful island of Kaua’i, the so-called Garden Isle. While reviewing the last two week’s weather we can absolutely understand, why Hawai’i is that green and of course, how Kaua’i got its name: It was raining quite a lot! So, our time on beaches and on the famous hikes where limited, but we still are amazed by the beauty of the islands.

Before we got here, we spent eight days on Oha’u, where, for example, famous Honolulu, the capital of the state of Hawai’i, is located. Although the weather wasn’t quite what we expected (with rain and low temperatures) we made the most of that stay and had an amazing time on that beautiful island:

  • We visited Pearl Harbor, where the Japanese Army attacked the US fleet during WWII, which made the USA enter the war.
Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
One of the battle ships which is now a museum.
  • We checked out famous Waikiki beach, where we watched the sunset and a typical Hawaiian Hula show. We also wanted to watch the Friday night fireworks on the beach, but obviously, we were at the wrong spot, like hundred of other people (so better check out the western side of the beach).
Surfboard Rental on Waikiki Beach. Unfortunately the weather got bad on the following days, so we couldn’t try out how to surf.
Waikiki Beach.
Waiting for the sunset on Waikiki Beach.
Hula Show at Waikiki.
  • We climbed Diamond’s Head crater to enjoy the best views on Honolulu, as well as on beaches and the ocean.
Rainbow above the mountains.
It was quite stormy on our Diamond’s Head tour, but the views were incredible.
View on Honolulu from Diamond’s Head.
  • We discovered Moana Falls on a very muddy hike.
Curtain Fig Trees close to Moana Falls.
  • We drove up along the East Coast and the North Coast with stops to enjoy the view on Chinaman’s Hat, to climb the “Crouching Lion” and to try the best Hawaiian Garlic Shrimps, Poke Bowls and Acai Bowls at some amazing Food Trucks along the way.
Chinaman’s Head Beach Park.
Life guard station at Chinaman’s Head Beach Park.
On a ridge at our Crouching Lion hike.
It’s hard to take care of where you are going with a view like that behind you.
Finally I can enjoy the view.
It was quite a climb.
Sunset Beach at the North Shore of Oha’u.
Haleiwa Beach on the late afternoon.
Best Garlic Shrimps ever!
Waiting for our lunch.
Enjoying some sun while waiting for our Poke Bowls.
  • We discovered the West Coast (which wasn’t really nice in comparison to the East Coast, at least in our opinion) and spent some time on the beaches to watch the surfers taking huge waves and at a nice resort lagoon.
Rough West Coast.
Wild West coast.
At the Ko Olina Lagoons.
  • We walked along the shore to the nature reserve at at Kaeno Point in the West and to Makapu’u Lighthouse in the East, where we fetched some amazing views on the quite wild ocean and rocky shores.
Coral beach at Kaeno Point.
Rocky shore at Kaeno Point.
Makapu’u Lighthouse.
View on the East Coast from Makapu’u Lighthouse.
  • We had a Tesla test drive in a Model S where we were shown the amazing features of those modern electrical cars. It was really impressive, so maybe that’ something we will get when we come back… But our rented Mustang was also quite a car to enjoy.
Our rental Mustang. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right weather for a convertible car all the time.
Enjoying our Mustang while cruising along the North Coast.

Although we really liked Oha’u, we were looking forward to switch to Kaua’i after eight days. We had the feeling, we have seen most of the sights and did most of the things.

During summer time, when it is supposed to be sunnier and less rainy and the waves aren’t that wild, Oha’u must be great for snorkeling and spending days on the beautiful beaches and in the turquoise water. Even the hikes won’t be that muddy. So better come here in summer.

While Oha’u was quite touristy and full of people, cars and civilization, on Kaua’i we felt more like on a tropical island. Everything is smaller and the nature even more impressive. But unfortunately, after the second day it started raining. And it didn’t stop. At least not longer than a few hours where it stayed cloudy and windy with occasionally showers. So, we took our chance on the first days and at those few rainless time slots to discover the island:

  • We spend half a day on pretty Secret Beach, which obviously wasn’t that secret anymore.
Beautiful Secret Beach.
Posing on Secret Beach.
  • We explored Waimea Canyon (also known as the Pacific’s Grand Canyon) by car and on the Canyon Hike with the most impressive views.
Trying to get the beauty of Waimea Canyon on a photo.
View on the „Grand Canyon of the Pacific“.
Waimea Canyon.
End of Waimea Canyon Track.
  • We did a coastal hike along the south shore from Poipu Beach along to a coastal cave.
On pur way from Poipu Beach to the cave.
  • We walked on the Kalalau Trail along the north-western Na Pali Coast.
Very wild and windy Kaua’i shore.
View on the wild Na Pali Coast.
View on Kee Beach on the Kalalau Trail.

We really wanted to go on a cruise along famous Na Pali Coast, but due to the rainy, stormy weather the waves were too high and we wouldn’t have had a lot of fun.

So, we spent most time relaxing in our apartment and on the covered patio, reading books and went running in the rain along the Eastern beaches to get in shape for Germany.

Refreshing ourselves with fresh coconuts after our morning run on one of the only sunny days.
Sunrise on Kaua’i.
Sunrise at the East Coast before the rain came.

We have seen quite a lot of the world so far and we think you could compare the islands of Hawai’i with the Canary Island regarding landscape, nature and climate, but much more expensive. And with all the “American Stuff”, like Fast Food restaurants on every corner, unpredictable surcharges on everything you buy or just the number of huge cars. We were more struggling to find healthy food options than in every other country we have visited so far and even in the supermarkets you have to check the ingredients on everything.

Overall, we liked Hawai’i – the islands are really beautiful – but I don’t think we will come back.
Maybe it was just because of the weather. But for us Hawai’i is just not special enough for us to invest that much money (Hawai’i is incredibly expensive, especially going to restaurants and the accommodation) and that much travel time (over 30 hours from Germany).

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  1. כך לדוגמא, בעת שאתם מעוניינים לעבור עיסוי ברמת השרון המתמקד אך ורק
    בראש, או לחילופין בעיסוי המתמקד באזור הכתפיים.
    לכן, ההמלצה היא לברור בקפידה את האפליקציה
    או האתר המבוקש ולקחת את המידע אך ורק מקום אמין,
    אשר מספק מידע מקיף בנושא.

    כל מה שאתם צריכים זה נערות ליווי
    תחת קטגוריה מדהימה שבוררת ושמה
    לעצמה את הקריטריונים הגבוהים ביותר.
    בחורה מדהימה במרכז לכמה שבועות, הנאה… מפגש איכותי וסוער עם בחורה מדהימה במיוחד…
    לפני כשנה הוא עבר למשכנו החדש
    – חלל יפהפה, אוורירי ומבודד מהמולת היומיום הכולל מספר רב יותר של חדרי טיפולים וגג עם
    נוף פנורמי לים. בכל הנוגע לתחום חיי הלילה, העיר נתניה מאפשרת לכם ליהנות
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    מפנק ואיכותי במיוחד אשר סביר להניח שתרצו לחזור עליו שוב כבר בשנה שאחרי.
    בסקס אש, תוכלו להנות מרשימה של נערות ליווי באילת הפועלות בעיר, אשר ירעננו לכם את החופשה
    ויהפכו אותה לבלתי נשכחת.

  2. חברתנו מתמחה בתחום ייבוא הכלים כעשר שנים ומשווקת אותם לחנויות מובחרות וגם ישירות ללקוח הסופי עם דגש על מוצרים איכותיים שעוברים בדיקות קפדניות ועומדים בכל התקנים טרם הגעתם ללקוח הסופי.
    זה כבר למעלה מ 20 שנים שחברת אוהלי אוהד מעניקה שירותי השכרת אוהלים ללקוחותיה בישראל,
    מדרום ועד צפון. יומן פגישות חכם ש“מכיר“ כבר את כל הטיפולים והלקוחות שלך – לקביעת תור קלה וסופר מהירה!

    קל פשוט ונוח לבנות קמפיין פרסום מצליח בגוגל עם
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    בקליק, בעידן בו רבים מפרסמים ובכל פינה מתנוסס לו מוצר
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  3. המסע המיני האדיר בחייך כבר בעיצומו, התמונות של הבנות באתר נועדו בכדי לעזור לך להתחיל ולהבין את האפשרויות
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    עיסוי אירוטי באשדוד, אשקלון עם בחורות סקסיות ומפנקות שמחכות לפגוש אותך לעיסוי לוהט ומשחרר.
    לכן, עיסוי אירוטי באשדוד או באשקלון כל כך פופולרי?
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    איפה אפשר להזמין ספא אירוטי?
    אז הנה הפתרון. אם אתם מחפש משהו מיוחד, ספא זוגי באשקלון יכול להיות בדיוק מה שאתה מחפש.
    ספא באשקלון זה „Our Spa“ – חוויה זוגית
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