Nighttrain to Chiang Mai

In the last couple of days we have been meeting so many georgeous people from all over the world, who share our ideas and views on life at the moment. To make them (and all our upcoming new friends) able to follow our trip, we decided to continue our blog in English. We may not be perfect now, but we promise to get better over time. 😊

When I am writing this blog entry we are currently in the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the north-western part of Thailand. It was just a little bit cheaper than flying there and takes about thirteen hours to get there, but at the moment we are looking for an adventure anyway. The train may be a bit old, but there is much more comfort as you know from trains back home in Germany. We will sleep in real (bunk) beds whitch were freshly made up by very friedly guys and dinner and breakfast is served to your beds.

We have just been six day in Thailand until now, but we are really in love with the country, the food and especially with the kind and welcoming people all around us. We are already starting to think about staying here a little bit longer than the two to three weeks we originally planned. We will see 😊

Comfy sitting before sleeping time.
Seats were changed to bunk beds. Curtains provide privacy.
Preparing that blog entry on the lower bed…
… while Basti is chilling on the upper bed.

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  1. I am wondering if it’s still the same train I took about 12 year’s ago 😉 or if the renewed it. I just remember that the toilets weren’t very nice.
    Enjoy your ride!

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