Chiang Mai! Chiang Mai!

A couple of minutes before we arrived in Chiang Mai with the night train on Tuesday morning, the train attendant waked us up with loud „Chiang Mai! Chiang Mai!“shouts. Bastian has them still in in his head when he thinks of Chiang Mai. 😊

When we came out the train station we were instantly followed with „TukTuk!“ and „Taxi!“ yells from a horde of people offering transportation to old town. That was too much for us in the early morning, so we decided to walk for about half an hour to our prebooked hostel near the eastern gate to old town.😊
When we arrived at Sunday Backbackers hostel fortunately our room was already finished so that we had the chance to take a nap before we headed out to explore Chiang Mai.

What shall we say?… Chiang Mai is great! It has so many nice restaurants, bars, temples, markets… you will find a nice place to eat or to have a drink everytime. So that was what we basically did the next days: We walked around the city, had nice food and met great people from Canada, USA, Holland, Germany, etc. and had a really good time.During the afternoons we mostly chilled at our hostel’s roof top terrace, learned how to cut videos (there will be some upcoming) and planned our next days.

Working on our blog in the hostel.
Old pagoda.
Temple tour.
More temples. 🙂
One of Chiang Mai’s beautiful wooden temples.
Naga temple decoration.
Fresh smoothie at market close to our hostel.

In the evenings our host Gulf organized a couple of events for his hostel’s guests.
On our first night in Chiang Mai we went to a Muay Thai fight. But that wasn‘t quite what we have expected. It was even kind of boring. We had in mind that there is a lot of kicking and jumping (more like Kung Fu), but it was more or less normal boxing with occasionally kicks. There was even just one real fight. All the others were children competing. But to be honest, the best fight was the fight between two six year old boys, who got really ambitious in winning. After the fight we went to a cool bar with a great cover band at the night bazaar and afterwards to Spice Club, close to the hotel.
The next night we skiped the hostels entertainment program and met two wonderful guys at Blue Diamond, a great salat restaurant, and had a fun evening with a lot of thought-provoking topics and funny stories.
On Thursday evening Gulf organized tickets for a Lady boy cabaret show. They were great in dancing and entertaining and made us a really fun time. Some of them were so beautiful, if you meet them on open street you wouldn’t have a single chance to recognize them as lady boys.

Ladyboy performing as Rhianna.
One of the many nice looking restaurants.
Saturday night market – nice but very crowded.

We originally planned to leave Chiang Mai on Friday, but because we really liked it so far we decided to stay a bit longer until Sunday and then rent a car to do the famous Mae Hong Son Loop far up to the remote north western parts of Thailand. That was the best decision we could have made, beacause I got a real bad food poisoning from some Burgers so I had to stay in the hostel for more or less two day to fully recover.

We plan to go back to Chaing Mai at least for some days when we have finshed the Loop. But a lot of other people told us, that if you like Chiang Mai, you will love Pai, the small hippie village just three hours north of Chaing Mai. We will visit Pai during our Road trip, so we will see, where we will end up. 😊

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