Kuala Lumpur stopover

On our way to Bali we arranged a two-and-a-half-day stopover in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

We cannot say a lot about Kuala Lumpur, because actually, we found there isn’t a lot to see and do. Unless you like shopping: Then you will love KL! It is full of shopping malls where you can find every European and American brand. But don’t expect the prices to be cheaper than back home.

One of the many shopping malls. This one is the one next to Petronas Towers.

After spending about a month in Thailand we were a little bit struggling with the food around. Maybe it was just us or maybe it was the area we stayed at, but we couldn’t find a nice food market or clean looking street kitchens. Only small local Restaurants with buffet. We tried one of the buffets once and didn’t like it. They often cook the food in der morning and put it on display for the whole day. The food was cold and not tasty anymore. But if you like western food, there are a lot of options in the mall or the more touristy areas like around Petronas Towers or Januk Alan.

What is definitely worth a visit are (of course) the Petronas Towers, which are best seen from the park with the pond behind or one of the rooftop bars (we were at Traders Hotel). Also, the old town district with the large mosque at Merdeka Square.  The botanical garden next to it is huge and a very nice oasis in the middle of the metropolitan area. Loved by many tourists is also China Town as well as the busy restaurant area around Jalan Alor. This was nothing we personally liked very much because it was very crowded by tourists and street vendors, but maybe you will like it. If you go to China Town you definitely have to go the hidden restaurant called “Merchant’s lane”, where we had a perfect dinner.

We think, Kuala Lumpur is an interesting city with a lot of different cultures and worth seeing it. But we think also, that two or three days are enough for a first visit and we were happy to leave KL for Bali!

China Town night market.
Beautiful old buildings at Merdeka Square.
Skybar at Traders Hotel.
Petronas Towers at night.
Our favourit photo motive: Petronas Towers at night…



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