Short trip to Singapore

After about two weeks in Bali (blog entry will come within the next days) we decided to travel on to Vietnam. Because there aren’t any direct flights from Denpasar to Ho Chi Minh City and we had to have a stopover in Singapore anyway, we decided to stay there for two nights. And we liked it a lot!

I think Singapore doesn’t have a lot of sights at all, but we really enjoyed the quietness and tidiness after all the weeks we have been living in southeast Asia.

Also called the “fine city”, you get a fine for everything not according to their many laws. Everything still works accordingly to these orders. You won’t find any garbage on the streets, scooters parked on the walk ways or drinks in public transport.

The first time we entered one of the large boulevards and there were just a few cars, I was wondering if there is a public holiday or something like that, because the four-lane road was nearly empty and there were no scooters or motorbikes at all. Unusual for Asia, but it was a welcome difference walking around without always being in fear of getting caught by a vehicle.

Maybe this is also like that, because the public transportation system is one of the most efficient in the world. You never have to walk long to get to the next MRT station and a train is leaving every few minutes to every direction. We got a tourist card for 20 Singapore Dollars with unlimited rides for three days, which was very convenient.

Singapore is also a “Mall City”. On Orchard Street there are about 22 large malls and department stores directly next to each other and sometimes even connected. You can find every single brand flagship store you can think of. If you are missing anything while travelling you can get it in Singapore! But you have to keep in mind, that you will have to pay the same price for everything like back home (in Germany).

Star Wars – Christmas – Time at one of the many shopping centers at Orchard Road.

But what surprised us the most were the wonderful dream beaches at (inherently very touristic) Sentosa Island. There are large beaches with white sand and turquoise water surrounded by palm trees. And the best: they were nearly abandoned (at least at the late afternoon). Here they were, the beaches we were looking for in Bali…

Sunset at beautiful beach at Sentosa Island.
Island Time 🙂
Continental Asia’s southermost point at Sentosa Island.

We also enjoyed walking around the riverside up to Marina Bay at the evenings. The light show at Marina Bay resort was great and the large artificial trees at Marina Bay gardens were also impressive. If you just want to relax a little bit in the nature, we also can recommend visiting the Botanical garden with a large variety of plants and flowers.

Singapore Skyline.
Light show at Marina Bay Resort.
Skyline as seen from Marina Bay.

Singapore, we miss you already after one day in Ho Chi Minh City’s traffic! 🙂



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